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Spring has Sprung!

It has been lovely to see the better weather and the lighter nights. I think we are also all feeling optimistic that we are creeping towards our lives being back to some sort of normality.

Nicola unfortunately has not been clear on when we can start using our beautiful village hall. I personally do not think it will be too long now and we have certainly seen a trickle of enquiries in from you about events you would like to hold in the hall later in the summer and next year so I think you are starting to make plans.

We are delighted to take provisional bookings so do not hesitate to contact us and "save the date". I think we will see not just weddings taking place but lots of celebrations that have had to be put on hold over the last year.

We are all desperate to get together with loved ones. What better place to do so than Gartmore Village Hall.

Stay safe - we are nearly there. x

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